Change in Morocco demanded by thousands

Moroccans gather during a protest demanding broad political reforms in Morocco on Sunday. AFP photo
In Casablanca, the North African nation’s biggest city, more than 4,000 people came out demanding: “Freedom, dignity, justice,” an AFP reporter said.

Thousands protestors in Moroccan cities demand political reform while limiting powers of King Mohammed VI, the latest protests demanding change that have hit the region.

It is estimated that between 3,000 and 4,000 people came to streets of the capital Rabat, shouting: “The people want change, denouncing corruption and calling for a democratic constitution to be adopted.

Other Moroccan cities, including Marrakesh and the port of Tangier have had demonstrations also

Third in line to the throne, The prince, said that people wanted to have “progress and political reform in a monarchical context” and that he will welcome the monarchy evolving along the lines of that of Spain or Britain