iPad 2 against Motorola Xoom

motorola xoom google android 30
Motorola Xoom’s sales will likely Apple’s iPad 2 get introduced on March 2, reporters agree. The Motorola’s Xoom performed very well against the iPad in starting tests.

Motorola Xoom has been unviled at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show Jan. 6 where top executives from Google, Motorola and Verizon Wireless demonstrated the 3D and other graphical user interface capabilities of the device, which runs Android 3.0 “Honeycomb” Google’s operating system.

Afer the annoucment for the release of iPad 2 consumers are changing mind and started thinking of what will Apple bring with iPad 2.
Market Analysis analyst Avi Greengart said Apple’s stalling the market goes beyond just smart timing.
“Apple is the clear market leader, and everyone is waiting to see what the next generation iPads look like and how much they cost,” Greengart said.