Protests in Oman growing

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Demonstrators started to block roads and got involved with police on Monday in Oman. This usually quiet oil-rich country along the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, has three-day-old protests where they are asking for political changes and living conditions to improve.

According to witnesses in Sohar and news agencies, in the city of Sohar, where the protests started, demonstrators closed roads to the port, Oman’s second biggest city, and a portion of industrial area with aluminum factory, and rafinery. A supermarket was set on fire and demonstrators clashed with the police. Protesters have also been camping out last three days in the city’s main square, called Kurra Ardiyah Roundabout, regardless of the efforts by police and army to push them out, a witness in Sohar said by e-mail.

Sohar reports:
Some of the Reports state that 1-4 people have died from “gunshot” wounds in Sohar.
ROP (Royal Oman Police) have used tear gas and small amount of rubber bullets to try and break the crowds.
The rubber bullets were deployed after protesters set fire to a gas truck near the ROP station