Protests in Croatia ended with violent clashes

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Something that has started as a peaceful protest of Croatian veterans swithched to be violent when a group of younger anti-government protesters started a with the police in Croatia’s capital Zagreb on Saturday.

According to reports Twelve civilians and 21 police officers were injured as police used batons to stop hundreds of protesters with torches, sticks and bottles in their attempt to break through a line leading to the government officila building.

According to the police, the violent faction started when so-called “Facebook” group that has organized another protest on Thursday in several cities across the country. As per some sources Saturday’s protesters, were joined by some fans of the Zagreb soccer team Dinamo known as Bad Blue Boys (one of the most violent fans in the country)

The unrest have started during an peaceful protest of some 15,000 Croatians angered by the recent arrest of several veterns wanted in Serbia on charges of war crimes, and the government’s managing difficult economic situation in Croatia