Gaddafis soldier fight in Libya

Libya’s special forces kicked by rebels in Zawiya

Gaddafis soldier fight in Libya
Gaddafi's soldier fight in Libya
Pro-Gaddafi, elite troops have tried to retake the protesters-held town of Zawiya, located about 45km west of the capital Tripoli, but rebel forces in Libya were able to fought off .

Some of Libya’s best-equipped troops have made attempt tried overnight to take back Zawiya, The troops, were under the command of one of Moamar Gaddafi’s sons.

Despite being still surrounded, Zawiya is being controled by the opposition, and all attacks on city from several sides they were overturn.

This fight, has been unexpected victory, rebels against the Libyan army, and has coused big embarrassment to Gaddafi, when just a few days ago, he tried to take foreign journalists there from Tripoli.

While Libyan people do not want foreign forces on the ground, many are now hopping, that the United State will bomb again, Gaddafi in his bunker in Tripoli