Situation in Croatia a “tragedy”, protests still going on

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According to latest reports a few thousand Croatians were marching on Sunday in the capital of Croatia asking the government to step down, along with a financial crisis and bribery allegations in what have become almost daily protests in the Croatia, and that’s hope to bond with the European Union.

Croatian state TV reported that police forces were able to block over 3,000 protesters from getting to a government building in downtown Zagreb. Yelling “We want elections,” could be heard from the streets when the crowd walked to the ruling Croatian Democratic Union HQ

“We have the most beautiful country in the world, and we live in poverty, like we are in a desert,” said Ivan Pernar. He was working on organizing the protests through Facebook. Pernar stated that the situation in Croatia is a “tragedy.”

Protests have amplified demands on the government, which faces elections later this year or early in 2012. Opponent parties have requested that the government schedule the vote immediately.