Gaddafi: Libyans Influenced by Foreign Elements

Littered Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi showed up on state television March 8, stating that strange fundamentals twisted Libyan young people against their nation.
“It’s a small crowd from Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt and Palestine who entered towns, they entered Zentan, Zawiyah and Benghazi and then what happened?” asked Qaddafi. “They recruited youngsters, juveniles under the age of 20 upon whom the law cannot even apply.”
Qaddafi said that the unknown influences “told them to chant, say, ‘Allah-u-akbar’ (God is great), martyrdom, heaven and this and that and they gave them pills and in some cases they even gave them money.”

The Libyan leader said that the young people were armed.
“The kids were happy with them and that is how things became this bad — this is what took place,” said Qaddafi.
Qaddafi affirmed that the kids were brainwashed with promises of a path to heaven, claiming that “those who exhibit weakness are targeted.”
He pointed to those “who are deprived in their personality, their education, the way they were brought up or in their family,” as targets.