After increased radiation Fukushima workers evacuated

Staff fighting to prevent atomic disaster on the stricken Fukushima energy plant were briefly evacuated on Wednesday a . m . right after the radiation concentrations grew to become too hazardous for them to stay.

The actual drawback hampered initiatives to secure the safety within the stricken Fukushima Daiichi plant and eliminate a large radiation leak.

Its operator, Tokyo Electric Power [Tepco] reported it was thinking of using helicopters to spray the disabled No. 4 reactor with water as well as boric acid – a fire retardant – in an attempt to stop more radiation leaking.

The 50 or more engineers, working around the clock in harsh situations, spent the morning hours attempting to put out a fire from a single reactor in order to cool the rest vulnerable or heating up in addition to achieving criticality.

The country’s chief spokesman, Yukio Edano, said Japan has been taking into consideration seeking the aid of the us military services.

Almost all six of the plants reactors have problems right after last Friday’s earthquake and tsunami, in which an estimated 10,000 people have passed away