A GIANT MOVE: At&T to buy T-mobile

AT&T’s astonish $39-billion purchase of T-Mobile USA Inc. may lead to additional consolidation in the U.S mobile industry, causing the market industry that has just a couple of major companies – as well as the possibility of upper prices and fewer choices for buyers.

If approved by government bodies, this freshly extended AT&T Inc. would have 130 million customers, allowing it to bypass competitor, Verizon Wireless and its ninety four million clients, and to become undoubtedly the nation’s largest cellular carrier. Sprint Nextel Corp. would be a distant 3rd.

The possible marketplace shift may possibly pressure Verizon to contemplate coming up with a large acquisition itself, experts mentioned, perhaps including Sprint. However Sprint itself might snap up one or more of the many scaled-down companies, just like U.S. Cellular and MetroPCS.