NATO Kills Rebels in Libya

BREGA, Libya – A NATO airstrike meant for the particular forces of Col. Gaddafi evidently killed at the very least 8 protesters soldiers in the fight outside this crucial oil area, news reports Saturday.
The deaths underscored the challenge that the Western allies along with the rebels face in relying on air attacks to press back the Gaddafi forces when the 2 sides mix within the actual combat sector along side the front.

Perhaps in response to the Western airstrikes, the Gaddafi armies are increasingly falling into battle in resources a lot like what the rebels are using, mostly pickups mounted along with machine guns or even canons. The move makes it increasingly tough for actually the combatants to distinguish one group from the other at first perception.

NATO, which said Saturday which it had executed 148 airstrike sorties in the previous 24 hours, says it was examining the actual episode..

News services reported other rebels grieving for their dead.
The attack happened at night on Friday while rebels had been continuing their efforts to retake Brega. The Gaddafi troops had positioned onward observers in the desert outside of the city with a view of the road, making it possible for their superior artillery crews inside of Brega to attack the rebels as they attempted to approach.

A group involving four rebel vehicles had came into a no man’s area of near fighting between the lines of the two sides, where they blended with similar trucks of the Gaddafi militia. Just about 8:30 p.m., a few allied attacks were observed at the front
A rebel ambulance driver who reached the location approximately one hour afterwards said he uncovered burned remains of the 4 vehicles and eight or nine bodies so horribly burned and also mangled with the explosion which he could not determine the exact number.