Libya’s Rebels Criticize NATO

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NATO received criticisms from rebel troops that it had been scaling down operations in Libya as well as neglecting to give them adequate air support on their fights against Col. Gadhafi’s forces.

Officials mentioned the number of sorties organized meant for Wednesday, at almost two hundred, could be the highest for any time since NATO had taken full command of operations on March 31.

With the U.S. indicating it had pulled back into a support function late on Monday, the alliance stated it had flown 155 flights Tuesday, just a bit above Monday’s number. On Tuesday, NATO’s air attacks destroyed armored personnel carriers and rocket launchers.

NATO is sluggish “in answering and adjusting to our instructions” on spots as well as neglecting to “give us all what we need,” Abdel Fattah Younes, head with the rebel army, stated at a press meeting yesterday in Benghazi. Juppe’s comments, on France Info radio, indicate NATO hasn’t established powerful procedures together with the rebel troops with regard to surface designation connected with targets. This may also indicate the absence of U.S. A-10 Thunderbolt II as well as AC-130 Spectre gunships ever since the U.S. withdrew from attack missions.