Huge Explosion in Belarusian capital Minsk

An explosion come through a subway station at the Belarusian main city throughout night rush hr Monday, creating a minimum of a dozen serious injuries as well as sending clouds of smoke pouring to the streets.

The official state media agency Belta stated there were deaths.

The AP reporter at the scene noticed heavily injured people getting carried away from the station including a minimum of one person that have lost legs.

There is simply no quick official count on casualties.

Numerous eye witnesses stated to the AP how the surge roared out just as passengers had been going off a train at the Oktyabrskaya train station about 6 p.m. (1500 GMT). The station is the place where at Minsk’s two subway lines intersect and was crowded along with transferring people at the end of the work day.

A single witness, mentioned at the least part of the station’s ceiling collapsed after the blast.

There was simply no direct indication of whether or not the explosion had been an accident or perhaps a terrorist assault.

The place is within around hundred metres of the government’s Palace of the Republic building and the home of President Alexander Lukashenko.