Syrian protesters freed from jail

The Syrian president Bashar al Assad last night introduced a new federal government and ordered the discharge of hundreds of arrested protesters.

The newest reaction to needs for sweeping political changes came ahead of what is likely to be one more day of protests today.

Fridays are now a key benchmark of whether anti-government sentiment is spreading or being defused by a blend of concessions, promises of reform and hardline security.

Since Friday demonstrations started last month, regulators have tried to

make sure that large reports are made by Thursday evening, part of the battle for public opinion, as well as the essential battle to keep the vast majority of Syrians who have not joined in protests from taking to the streets.

“In order to bolster communication between people [president Assad] made a decision to discharge dozens of detained after latest affairs who did not commit crimes towards the nation as well as the people,” state run television announced.

Similar promises were produced last month but, while many protesters were freed during the time, 100s additional were subsequently caught.

A reshuffled government was also introduced last night, with numerous ministers, including international matters and defence, staying in their own jobs