Los Angeles Times criticized Anderson Cooper’s tough talk

anderson-cooper-attacked-egypt“Anderson Cooper’s tough talk about the Egyptian government’s “lies” was criticized by Los Angeles Times columnist James Rainey on Saturday. Cooper, Rainey wrote, should not have called the government “liars” as much as he has.

“It’s not often that American television news figures accuse government officials, foreign or domestic, of lying,” Rainey wrote in a blog post. ” But CNN’s Anderson Cooper made up for that, big time, this week. He heaped the pejorative on Egypt’s leaders 14 times in a single ‘Anderson Cooper 360.'”

Cooper has indeed been using the word many times throughout his broadcasts over the past week. He called the government of former President Hosni Mubarak liars on his Monday and Tuesday shows, in an appearance on David Letterman’s show on Wednesday, and in a conversation with Wolf Blitzer on Thursday.”