China, Russia: veto in U.N on attack against Syria

China stated on Wednesday the U.N. Security Council resolution it vetoed will not have assisted “ease Syria’s situation.”

“The draft resolution presented by relevant nations put pressure blindly on Syria and threatened sanctions, which may not help ease Syria’s situation,” stated Ma Zhaoxu, a spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry. “We make use of both sides concerned in Syria to prevent all types of violence, promote the federal government to place its commitment of reform into practice.”

The statement comes a next day of China and Russia blocked efforts of other major forces to pass through a Un Security Council resolution on Syria. The resolution known as to have an immediate halt towards the attack against competitors of Leader Bashar al-Assad.

The Russian ambassador in the U.N. stated the safety Council action could be “an intervention” that will send the incorrect message towards the worldwide community.

Leaders from France, Germany, Portugal as well as the U.K. also expressed disappointment within the move by Russia and China.

At the same time,, another round of violence flared in Syria on Tuesday and more deaths appeared among the relentless government attack on protesters.

The nearly seven-month-lengthy offensive has attracted world condemnation and calls to action from the government of al-Assad.